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    Days gone by is past only. Nobody can make amends for the loss, and damages suffered. However, yesteryear enables to examine and know the lapses and take corrective steps while organizing a better future. The rapid developments of industrialization and consumerism over the last four centuries have certainly triggered the increase in the standard of living and endurance. Nonetheless, the remarkable progress came at a heavy cost: the ecological imbalance.

    2015 actually is the most eventful year in the event the world nations agreed for concerted efforts towards managing the climate change. The recent unprecedented rains and floods in Chennai capital of scotland- India and the Northern elements of great britain, and the temperature shooting up by twenty degrees from the normal at North Pole a few indicators on the impact of coffee.

    Everything should be smart in our digital age. Smartness implies efficiency with speed. In a similar manner, in the macro level, the very idea of Smart city is gaining momentum now. The options of those an urban area comprise these highlights.

    – Round-the- clock and quality water distribution.
    – Continuous and adequate power supply.
    – Sanitation and hygiene maintenance by treatments for solid waste and sewerage.
    – Efficient transport system for conserving the energy and money pollution.
    – Planned well layouts for supply buildings.
    – Good education and health facilities.
    – Sound information system through the use of it, and
    – Responsible public administration through E-governance.

    Whatever are the developments, oahu is the individuals on the society that will make the real difference by sticking to the discipline and customary sense. Without worrying about involvement on the citizens, there is nothing possible and achievable. The conflicts and contradictions on account of the race for material welfare should be axed by sharing the free helpful a joyful coexistence. Every person shall endeavor to conserve energy and resources by following a methods as well suited for the personal comfort.

    Making resolutions is usually a customary practice whenever a Year starts. In a very recent online poll conducted using a Newspaper in India, it turned out learned that 56% on the participants didn’t make any resolution to the Year, and 65% on the remaining participants didn’t adhere to their resolutions. Any Year resolution using a sensible person will guarantee the safety and happiness of lives on the woman Earth. Exactly the same should focus on living in harmony using the Nature may be the only solution for enduring happiness and prosperity.
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